Thursday, January 27, 2022
06:30 PM
via Zoom
South East England
Blue Monkey Network

Agata Read “Following the Sliver”: Using thread as an introduction to feminist discourse in photography.

The expression Following the Sliver comes from a Polish tradition of looking into family trees. If you follow the women, you are following the sliver. If you follow the men, you are following the sword.

An interior designer by education, and a photographer by passion, Agata was born into a family with artistic traditions. In 2006, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, obtaining a master’s degree in interior design. Shortly after, she moved to England, where she continued her studies at the University of Sussex and worked with screen printing for many years before returning to photography.

Her research covers the relationship between photography, feminism and thread as well as the process of intervening in the material structure of photography. She will discuss her work, the connection between the theory and practice, and the place which her practice-based research has led her to.

Agata is a graduate of the Sputnik Photos mentoring program, where she studied narrative structures and documentary strategies in photography (2019). Her photos were shown at the International Biennale of Photography at BWA in Kielce (2018) and during the Gdańsk Biennale (2021). In 2020, she qualified for the ShowOFF exhibition during Photomonth in Krakow and in 2021 she received an honorable mention in the LENSCRATCH competition “Artist Intervenes”. She is currently working on a practice-based PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and lives and works in Hastings.

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Sliver: A long piece cut or rent off; a sharp, slender fragment; a splinter.

A strand, or slender roll, of cotton or other fibre in a loose, untwisted state, produced by a carding machine and ready for the roving or slubbing which precedes spinning.


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Image: Agata Read Tribute to Almeida. Embroidered photographs 2020.