The Higgins Museum and Art Gallery Bedford
Saturday, December 2, 2023
02:00 PM
Castle Lane, Bedford MK40 3XD
South East England
The Higgins Bedford, Sir William Harpur Gallery

Interdisciplinary artist, Quilla Constance will deliver ‘Intersect’ a live performance incorporating improvisational, atonal cello – in and among her latest paintings and costume-installations on view at The Higgins Museum & Art Gallery, Bedford as part of her solo show ‘Teasing Out Contingencies’  – – This event is FREE ENTRY, and no need to book.

In the words of Quilla Constance (AKA:QC)

I am an interdisciplinary artist of (Black) Jamaican and (White) British heritage. I deploy my practice concurrently across the media of live performances, paintings, costumes, photographs, and music videos – strategically staging these artworks across varied contexts such as: art galleries, lecture halls, theatrical venues, music clubs, social media, the street, and mainstream television. My practice seeks to conflate and activate the intersections between these cultural zones/learned categories, to agitate, amuse and surprise audiences – ultimately highlighting the absurdity of hegemonic systems of categorisation which are often injurious, since they restrict and marginalise BAME, female, LGBTQ+ and working-class identities.

As well as activating my hybrid, biracial heritage and resultant alternative ways of seeing, I’ve learned to navigate different social groups within society – i.e. from my working-class childhood in Birmingham, through to the privileged environment I encountered as a student at The Ruskin, University of Oxford. As a result, my inscription within any specific category is ultimately non-specific, which affords me the licence and the daring to cross between these established structures and narratives; to interrupt and re-write our readings of them in liberating new registers, and to highlight what feminist theorists have long asserted – i.e. the performative nature of identity and power.