Art Brut Biennale
Saturday, October 7, 2023
Sunday, October 15, 2023
110-120 Hengelo, 7551
Art Brut Biennale

ART BRUT BIENNALE in the city of HENGELO, Netherlands 7-15 October 2023. Daily 10am to 6pm.

3 artworks, ‘Born In The Year Of The Tiger I’, II and III by Christy Symington MRSS in the ‘One Bare Foot Square’ project selected by Chutima (Nok) Kerdpitak, Founder and Curator of Uncooked Culture. The Uncooked Culture ‘OBFS’ project is a mosaic of works by 104 artists based in 12 different countries. Each work is 12 x 12 inches square on canvas in a wide variety of interpretations of personal themes. The Biennale is the next STOP for the project of it travelling around the world. The Biennale invited 150 artists with more than 1200 works from Cuba, Senegal, Iceland, France, Spain and Scandinavian countries. OBFS is one artist project.

OBFS is a 10+ year innovative module and project to take artworks of artists from across the globe to stops around the world .. in a suitcase. A lead artist and new artists ‘on the ground’ at each stop in that country snowball into the project, at every new location/STOP. They join to show their artwork, help install, run workshops, and this amazing art community grows year on year. The lead artist in Netherlands is Helen Roeten. Chutima Nok Kerdpitak always travels to each stop with the artworks, installs and manages it through the exhibition.

One Bare Foot Square exhibition will be held in former H&M, 110 De Brink

At the Biennale there will be a wide range of activities to participate in, such as art workshops, poetry, music, film, theatre and a hands-on workplace and work exhibited by at least 150 artists from 10 different countries.

In addition to the exhibition, the Art Brut Biennale traditionally offers, in collaboration with Special Arts, a varied program in the Brink 180 building, including: A fair where studios of institutions sell their own products and a workshop where children can draw a selfie.

Attention is paid to education and space for music, poetry, performances and the Art Brut Cafe. The Special Award exhibition for which artists were allowed to submit work and from which an expert jury made a selection is located at the same location. The public can vote on which artist will receive this prize.

Art Brut Biennale member of The International Outsider Art Association

The Art Brut Biennale, which will be organized for the fifth time in Hengelo in 2023, is part of the international European Outsider Art Association. The organization sees this as an honorable recognition and will make it easier to gain access to artists, international museums, institutions and private art collections.

Art Brut Biennale Curator: Elvira van Eijl

What is Art Brut?

Art in its rawest and most direct manifestation: that is what Art Brut is. This type of fine art is difficult to define or classify under a common denominator, for there is hardly any kinship with any existing art form. It is created by artists who express what is within them without concern for existing ideas or theories about fine art. They don’t ask for attention or appreciation, but their work surely deserves it. It is that conviction which motivated the Art Brut Biennale to offer a platform to the pure artistic work created by artists both from our own country and from abroad. So that their work can truly speak for itself.


Chutima Nok Kerdpitak @livethenokart