Fletcher’s Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax
Monday, April 1, 2019
Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Fletcher’s Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax
Alice Bradshaw / Dean Clough

Art Lab at Dean Clough Artists’ Presentations | Critical Dialogue

Fletcher’s Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax

Monday 1st April 2019, 7:30pm


Art Lab is a peer-group meet-up for artists and art practitioners to discuss their work, concurrent ideas and critical thinking. It’s open to anyone who would like to attend and contribute constructively. Art Lab is for sharing ideas, mutual learning, peer support and networking. The format is 3 presentations by artists / practitioners about their work / ideas / interests, each followed by a Q&A. Refreshments provided for a small donation or bring your own. Art Lab welcomes all art practitioners at any stage in their career and operates a safe space policy. Art Lab is coordinated by Halifax based artist/curator Alice Bradshaw. If you would like to present at any of the 2019 Art Labs please email / message Alice: [email protected]

Lucie MacGregor

Lucie’s current making is concerned with the idea of the artefact; bringing attention to the unnoticed and ignored in our everyday environments. She is interested in processes of deterioration and material behaviour, the collapse and cut-offs of urban detritus becoming prevalent in the sculptures she creates. Embracing the unexpected and chance-like happenings in art often propels her ideas into a more responsive and resourceful state.

Lucie’s sculptures play with the flux between the real and not real, the true form and its trace, the living and its skeleton. Fusing together observational drawings, video footage, domestic and found objects, the installations she creates are built upon the materials that she comes into contact with by chance and trigger her to reinvent a previously forgotten space. She considers the process and documentation of an artwork as equal value to a final outcome, with many scrap and cut off materials becoming reconstructed and the beginning of a new cycle of events within a work.

Lucie is from Huddersfield and currently in her final year of BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.


Abu Jafar

Abu Jafar’s sculpture is about celebrating our ever-changing curiosity of mind and symbolising the beauty that keeps us wondering in every step we make and every angle we look. He takes inspirations from psychology, philosophy, classical music as well as day-to-day human existence. Most of his large scale installations involve nature, public and the environment.

Abu’s sculptures signify metaphorically the letter H for hope, and the window on the sculpture signifies a window of opportunity driving endlessly forward. Some ornaments of this sculpture will reflect the beauty of nature and light the way it beams through our memory and everyday life. These sculptures are all about natural wonder where our mind explores like biomedical science reading through pulse and looking through eyes and discovery.

“I gather elements through my emotional experiences then transform them into the art forms which could incorporate anything and everything that’s around me.”

Abu studied fine arts, painting and drawing at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 1984/89, Master Drawing of the human figure at the Guildhall University, London 1989/90, Art and Art History at the Goldsmith’s College, University of London 1991/92 and Philosophy of Arts at the Open University, 1997 UK. In 2007 he became an Associates Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, in 2009 became a Member of Sculpture Network and a Fellow of Digswell Arts Trust in 2011.


Robert Donald

Robert is presenting a selection of slides from his large archive. These will be a small number relating to works of art from several periods involving a bed as a main feature.

Robert taught for over 40 years and after retirement continued with U3A classes for 15 years, together with giving talks and lectures on various art related topics to many groups. Although starting off in ‘normal’ education, he was eventually Senior Lecturer in History if Art and Design at Dewsbury FE Art College.