Dean Clough
Tuesday, May 7, 2019
12:00 AM
Fletcher's Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX
Alice Bradshaw / Dean Clough

Art Lab at Dean Clough

Tuesday 7th May, 7:30pm start

Fletcher’s Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX

Chloe Stead

Chloe Stead is a visual artist based in Leeds, producing sculptures and installations predominantly from found objects and natural materials. In her practice she explores human relationships to nonhuman ‘others’, namely animals, machines, and the environment, particularly in a time of climate change.

Chloe has recently been taking part in a residency with the Leeds City College University Centre. As part of this residency, she has curated two coinciding exhibitions. One, titled ‘Dualism’, which is a culmination of work by artists who explore duality in their practice. The other, titled “Matter Matter Interface’, which is a collection of the work Chloe has been producing during her time as an artist in residence.

In her presentation she explores art making in the era of the anthropocene, nonhuman agency, and the potential for art making to help us develop a deeper sense of connection and a better understanding of the world we are part of.

Bob Clayden
Bob Clayden will be talking about his photographs and the decisive moment; how he has come to use pinhole cameras of all sizes to explore the thoughts of time in an image. How can a negative capture more than just a moment? Bob has been taking photographs since he was eight, mostly documenting things and people who don’t get recognised by society. He often works with community groups working on the principal that everyone has the right to a cultural and artistic life. His images have been shown in galleries across Europe. At the moment he is running probably the biggest permanent pinhole in Europe in Pontefract and he wants more people to use it.

[email protected]

Parlour by Parley

Parley create spaces, projects and programmes to encourage arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development. Our services focus on: Artist Development; Audience Development; Space and Place. Parley derives from the old french verb “parler” to speak. Parley is a discussion, conference, debate, sometimes used to bring about truce or change. We chose the name because we like it and because we think good relationships, ideas, learning and progress occurs when time and space is created for quality conversation. Parley is a company in the early stages of development, formed by Victoria McCorkell who after 18 years training and working in the sector is consolidating her practice into a new company.