Crossley Gallery
Monday, March 4, 2024
12:00 AM
Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX
Art Lab

Art Lab March 2024

Presenting: Cristina Prudente & Mark Brereton

Monday 4 March 2024, 7pm

Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX

Cristina Prudente

I believe that in art and in the creation process intentionality and outcome have to stay separated.

I have learned to navigate without attachment to predetermined results, and I have so put myself in a realm of endless choices and possibilities, realising that art is a journey and not a destination.

My philosophy allows me to transcend from the mere technique to reach out a space where infinite possibilities emerge from unpredictable outcomes.

Unpredictability is a ground for innovation and originality. My process of creating rather than following a linear trajectory of societal standards manifests itself in the continuous dialogue with error, imperfection and contradiction.

Detachment from judgement is important to liberate my creativity allowing my work to be authentic to myself.

Mark Brereton: Is an inconsistent art practice a detriment to an artists career?

I ask this question because at the moment I feel like I have inconsistency throughout my practice. So I’d like to open this question to other artists and explore deeper the reasons, and the pros and cons of having an inconsistent art practice.

I think the consistent inconsistency is becoming it’s own method, process, and practice in and of itself.

Therefore, this talk would be a very personal and yet important talk to share with other artists at any level who currently work within the art field across the UK.

Mark Brereton – Born and raised in the ceramic city of Stoke-on-Trent, UK, in the late seventies, is a Graphic Artist that creates fun colorful artworks, with a conceptual approach.

I have a strong passion for dramatic visuals often inspired by sci-fi cinema, pop art, and video games.

I started my artistic journey after graduating university in 2003 and I worked as a commercial Graphic Designer before progressing to a Fine Art practice. Over the duration of the last ten years my work has started to focus on subjects such as – Food Culture, Urban Landscape & Psychogeography, and Social Criticism.

I am currently working on various books exploring local foods and culture. I am also developing a small collection of merchandise and products that will compliment my graphic style and be affordable and collectible for all.

Art Lab is a peer group for artists and art practitioners to discuss their work, concurrent ideas and critical thinking based in Halifax since January 2019.