Leeds Central Square / Cole's Gallery
Friday, October 6, 2023
Friday, October 27, 2023
Central Square Leeds, 29 Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 4DL
North East England
Cole's Gallery, Central Square Leeds

An exhibition of art inspired by the work of visionary William Blake. The exhibition is in association with Cole’s Gallery and Leeds Corn Exchange. Leeds CENTRAL SQUARE, Atrium and Concourse.

‘Tiger Carrying Cub’ bronze sculpture by Christy Symington MRSS is selected. There is a quote from William Blake’s poem ‘The Tyger’ 1794 enscribed on the integrated base of the sculpture, ‘Did he who made the Lamb make Thee’. When making the sculpture in clay, words from Blake’s famous poem were a direct inspiration. The stripes and sinuous feel of the tiger in tender movement on the surface, are not so much anatomical for ‘fearful symmetry’ but for overall sculptural effect balanced with the responding integrated base form. Limited Edition of 9. Dimensions: 48 x 58 x 25cm.

Evening opening on Thursday 5th of October 5:30 – 8:00pm.
The show is at a stunning contemporary Leeds Location, Central Square Leeds, 29 Wellington St, Leeds LS1 4DL, just a few minutes from the train station and Leeds City Square.

Artists exhibiting:

Andy Cahill @andycahill5317
Andrew Sales @iandrewsales
Benjamin Hannavy Cousen @benjaminhannavycousen
Brian Burton @courtyard311
Carolina Diaz
Cat Gordon @catgordonillustration
Chris Eastham chrisieastham
Elise Bikker @elise.bikker.artist
Christy Symington MRSS @christysym
Ellie Hawkes @ellie_hawkes_designs
Gabriella Ranito-Baltazar @gabriella_baltazar_art
Gaby Lees
Gareth Bunting @garethbunting
Georgie Fay @georgiefayart
Hayley Stevenson @hayleystevenson____
Helen Birnbaum @helenbirnbaumceramics
Jamie Zimmerman @zimwhereyoubeen
Jenny Marshall @jenny.marshall.arts
Johnny Sunter johnnyjsunter
Joss Cole @josscole23
Kevin Lycett @kevin.lycett
Lorna Jewitt @lorna.jewitt
Lydia Rain @lydiarainart
Mark Parkinson @markeparkinson
Mimi Cullen @n.i.studios
Mouse @wyartistmouse
PJ Donnelly @titanic_pete
Roy Best
Samuel Adam Snell
Simon Dobbs @simondobbs08
Thomas Young @thomasyoungartist
Tom Almeroth-Williams @tom.almeroth_williams
Yulia Lennon @yuliyalennon
Stephen Cole @arrestingimages
@sharron.astbury.petit Sharron Asbury Petit

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