]ps[ Studio
Thursday, June 9, 2016
Friday, June 10, 2016
64 Tontine Street Folkestone CT20 1JT
South East England

Threads crit sessions are for visual artists to discuss and develop work-in-progress/new work. The aim is for each Artist to produce new work and for their practise to develop through discussion on a peer-to-peer level. Artists will discuss their work in small groups and have the opportunity to discuss with the entire group if needed. Mediums/formats are open to all disciplines in visual arts.

footage from previous critiques:

]performancespace[ is beginning salons in Folkestone in co-operation with Threads crit sessions with the aim of creating a collective critical mass in the locale. Sessions will take place bi-monthly, alternating between ]ps[ and Threads led sessions.

]performance s a l o n [ is an opportunity to show documentation, performance and current research, in order to critically discuss your work and that of others. Each salon is led by an invited artist and then opened up into a general ‘show & tell’ where anyone can present work and engage a critical audience.

Artists are invited to present work in any format appropriate to their practice. Previous salons have included actions, performance lectures, film & print exhibition and installation works. The sessions give audiences in-depth insight into artist’s methodologies & work and give artists an opportunity to discuss their work with peers in a professional context.
first ]ps[: Thursday 23rd June 7pm (led by Bean)

]ps[ Studio
64 Tontine Street
CT20 1JT