Tuesday, May 28, 2024
05:00 PM
Rivington Place London EC2A 3BA, UK

Autograph’s current exhibition Wilfred Ukpong: Niger-Delta / Future-Cosmos is a visual meditation on the environmental crisis in the Niger Delta, demonstrating how artmaking can be used as a tool for social empowerment and to confront continued, aggressive colonial practices.

Drawing on the notion that the climate crisis is not equally distributed between all communities, join us at the gallery as we unravel the links between environmental disaster and our daily lives, cultural heritage and diasporic histories.

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This event is in collaboration with Women’s Environmental Network and connects art and local communities to ask the question: how do we build a different world together, focusing on the connection between people rather than individual accumulation?

There will be a short film screening that will touch on climate work taking place in East London. After that, community experts from the Women’s Environmental NetworkJust FACT and Climate Sisters will discuss food justice issues in Tower Hamlets, and the need to amplify women’s voices in the climate arena.
We’ll socialise both before and after the talk, with live music, food and refreshments.

Illustration:  Courtesy of Ellis Lewis-Dragstra