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Friday, June 5, 2020
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AirSpace Gallery

AirSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that for the first of our new programme’s projects, we are working with UK artist Danny Treacy on Collective Territories a residency and exhibition. A 2-part project exploring memory of space and the significance of space. What makes a space special? What makes a space personal? What are the things that keep drawing us back to a space? How do we see ourselves in a space? And, what do we feel there?

Call For Participation

Danny is looking for collaboration with current and ex-residents of Stoke-on-Trent. Please read his letter of invitation below and then register your interest with Danny at [email protected] or with us at AirSpace Gallery at [email protected]


Hello, Danny here, artist in residence at AirSpace Gallery. I’m writing to ask if you would like to share your memories of a special place. When I say special, I don’t mean special to everyone, just to you. Perhaps the one you used to hang out in, the one no one else knew about apart from those there with you. The place that felt like yours when there was nowhere else to go. That place might not exist anymore but that doesn’t matter, I’d like to hear your memory of that place.
The reason I’m asking is that I believe these places deserve attention, recognition and celebration. Within this, your engagement will be vital in leading to a new understanding of the value of certain spaces. These places are fairly common, but they are almost invisible, not on any map. It could be that being ignored or unacknowledged is what makes its existence possible. I want you to take me to these places because they are special, because they are hidden. I ask that you share with me your stories, your memories of these places. You will be my guide, lead me to your place and through a process of collaboration and conversation, I will follow.
You don’t have to live in Stoke now, it might be that you grew up there, have family there, or lived there for a period of time. The important thing is that while in Stoke you had a certain place you used to go, alone or with friends.
My work is about responding to external spaces, I’ll be taking inspiration from the stories you share. I’ll make work that is centred around your memory of these places, using the memory of a place as a starting point during the residency. I won’t use our conversations out of context, you can be named or remain anonymous.
This residency is about connection, conversation and histories, so the stories you share are the most important part. I have written some suggestions for possible ways to begin our collaboration:
Write your memories of the place, using any method you prefer:
Perhaps write and post to me (free envelopes and stamps will be provided!)
Sending your recollections to me as text messages.
Let’s have a conversation, I’ll call you and we can speak about your memory of a certain place located in or near Stoke-on-Trent that you used to hang out in.
Record your memories on a mobile phone as a voice memo.