20.21 Visual Arts Cente
Saturday, May 10, 2008
Saturday, July 5, 2008
St Johns Church Church Street Scunthorpe N E Lincolnshire DN 15 6TB
North East England

Born in 1966 in Cleethorpes, Wayne Sleeth began painting and drawing from an early age before studying at Grimsby School of Art and eventually settling with his family in France. His harmonious and richly-worked paintings are inspired by natural spaces and open landscapes. The colours and forms are a fusion of both the Lincolnshire and Humberside landscapes of his childhood and the Lorraine landscape of his current landscapes. Although not representing aby specific place, the canvases capture the essence of big skies and flat expanses, embodying the light and rhythms of the changing seasons. According to the artist " They are neither land- nor sea-scapes, but 'scapes', an anagram for 'spaces'. Those which light and line and colour invade, inhabit, or escape."