Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art
Friday, March 5, 2010
Saturday, March 27, 2010
17 Warburton Street, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6WA

Looking at English ordinary life with the transient nature of its experience through the unique Japanese perspective as well as a visual artist, I’ve envisaged to create a series of visual narrative by gathering the threads of each story viewed through my eyes in gentle passage of time in English rural life. Hence this series was realised as my first solo show at the Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art. This is an attempt of the compilation of my study and creative process in past five years under the theme of “nature” and “life-scape”; depicting my personal, introspective experience in six different country scenes in England. I tried to embody “a story” after deliberation of the great gap in history of ideas and religions between East and West, meaning of cultural heritage of both in the contemporary context, and potential approach to the art reflecting some understandings of our time.