Friday, August 1, 2008
Monday, September 6, 2010
113 - 115 Portland Street Manchester M1 6FB
North West England

Artist in Residence: Rich White 'i will be responding to the architecture of the residency space, and of the surrounding area of manchester city centre. work will be constructed mainly from materials found in and around focus will be on how visitors and staff (and i) use the space. the space is a thoroughfare, which is something i will need to bear in mind whilst designing and building the work. i wish to produce architectural-seeming alterations that affect, or are a result of, how people interact with the space. these alterations are intended to almost appear as intentional parts of the original building design with only their unusual positioning, material and/or angle betraying their purpose.i will be regularly documenting all aspects of the residency online in a weblog through photographs, drawing and writing, and using responses from visitors to CUBE and the weblog to inform the work.'