Small World
Monday, January 5, 2009
Thursday, January 29, 2009
89 Vernon Road London E15 4DQ

This installation emerged from a series of Sewing Circles engaging participants in skills sessions in pattern cutting and dressmaking devised and taught by artist Alison Marchant. Working with an archive of couture vintage Vogue patterns the project incited a shared involvement in the retrieval of an almost lost art once widely shared outside mass production, and became a focus for the voluptuously beautiful in the process of making within the dynamic of cross-cultural vintage chic. The installation is viewed from the on-street bay window by passers-by and visitors throughout January and can also be entered as a dressing room for visitors by appointment. Making an entrance – Small World projects offer a new concept in window-shopping, where nothing is for sale. Small World is a space for inciting an exchange of ideas from artist to residents to contemplative audience within the ‘corner' shop-like installation front and on-street gallery. Small World (for the best things in life) offers free consultation, as ideas and examples for residents and visitors to be their own stylists of small spaces and life-styles through creative elegance mingling art and the everyday as part of the ‘Slow Movement'. Small World reveals the hidden creativity of Stratford Village residents entering into contemporary artistic engagement within this unique situation.