The Fountain Gallery
Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Sunday, June 18, 2023
26 Bridge Streert, East Moseley, Hampton Court KT89HA
The Fountain Gallery , 26 Bridge Streert, East Moseley, Hampton Court KT89HA

Sharon Withers and Teresa Wells MRSS ‘Dynamic and Sublime’ 


6th – 18th June 2023


‘Dynamic and Sublime’ meets where Sharon Withers’ bold and abstracted landscape paintings collide with Teresa Wells’ dynamic and passionate sculptures.


This modern and exciting exhibition brings together two formidable forces in the art world, both united through their energetic creations. Working with oil paints and bronze sculpture, respectively, Sharon and Teresa both uniquely approach traditional materials, to create wholly contemporary works of art.


Sharon Withers works directly onto canvases placed on the floor, entering a playful dance with her foundations, as she builds up multiple layers of painting to achieve immense depth and movement to her scenes. This dynamic and engaged painting process gives way to abstracted forms of the natural world, with local Hampshire bluebell scenes, and striking Isle of Wight seascapes all informing her practice. Sharon’s active, creative process imbues her artworks with an invigorating energy, which spills out beyond the frames to breathe life into her collectors’ homes.

Figurative sculptor, Teresa Wells, is inspired by human behaviour. With an ethical consciousness, she creates work that examines the contradictions of human action and thought, in an attempt to survive. Particular attention is given to physical endurance and strength of the body, constructing a paradox with emotional fragility.

Her creations are precariously suspended above the supporting plinth, challenging the status quo of firmly rooted, unmoving figures that have become accepted as the norm for the genre. Instead, looking to athletes and ballet dancers, Teresa’s work juxtaposes power with delicacy by presenting the human figure performing mesmerising feats of defying gravity. These emotive figurative sculptures celebrate the physical form in its most vulnerable and formidable states, making for magnificent, imposing works of art.


‘Dynamic and Sublime’ opens on Tuesday 6th June, and is on display until Sunday 18th June 23. Visit for the gallery’s opening hours.