The Last Gallery
Saturday, June 13, 2009
Sunday, June 28, 2009
The Last Gallery, Llangadog, Carnarthenshire SA19 9BR

Uncovering a series of old family slides, Tessa Waite's new work investigates myth, memory and loss. Her ethereal images speak of a golden childhood yet have an uneasy edge. In scratching the surface of photographs she is caressing faces and bodies. At the same time she is eating away at the image, refocussing our attention. Her use of body silhouettes simplifies figures to an empty space whilst invoking of the complexity within the individual. Her work explores the emotional resonance of people in relationship with each other and how layers of meaning, perhaps unconscious, can be hidden and revealed using forms and imagery. “Rediscovering these images; the rich colour of some, the faded ghostly colour of others was seductive. They connect me on a visceral level to my childhood, yet are lost in time. Though personal, these images have a potency that goes beyond their specific nature. I am relating to them as a vehicle for exploring life and it's imperatives.” Tessa Waite