Dean Clough Galleries
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Sunday, April 21, 2013
Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough Galleries, Dean Clough, HALIFAX HX3 5AX

England’s Favourite Landscape features paintings with a strong element of the real and experienced landscape mixed with references to historic and contemporary English landscape ideologies, design and use. However, the views presented are made-up model landscapes, low-tech miniature follies, captured by the camera for the process of painting. The manner of rendering in paint is intended to remove any Romantic connotations, the subjective input from the artist, usually associated with landscape painting; there is no emphasis of surface or painterly gesture. The photographic print becomes the subject matter, along with the recognised devices of photography. This is not to ennoble or question the role of the photograph. It is rather to facilitate painting the ‘point of view’ apprehended by the lens. The paintings are more rooted in the day- to- day tussle of painting in a photo-real manner.