CAMP - Zoom
Thursday, July 2, 2020
06:30 PM
Across UK
CAMP Networking

Susan Jones’s recent research revealed that for artists to ‘get on’ rather than just ‘get by’, they need continuous access to specific, nuanced, interrelated conditions. Although over the last thirty years some of Arts Council England’s policies aimed, to a lesser or greater degree, to improve artists’ economic and social status, none have effected lasting change. In the same vein, ACE’s minor allocation of Covid-19 emergency funding for individual artists neither compensated artists whose incomes immediately plummeted nor provided investment towards their future sustainability. Such policy actions perpetuate assumptions that artists are minor contributors to the arts and their precarity is unavoidable.

Using a virtual environment, Susan’s talk first busts some myths about artists’ practices and livelihoods and then identifies the unique trio of conditions truly supportive of artists’ social realities over a life-cycle. In the post-Covid19 moment “fraught with possibilities”* the space following for interactive discussion explores radical propositions for achieving them and effecting sustained change for the better for all artists.

Whilst using Zoom, CAMP is making this talk as interactive as possible! Virtual breakout rooms to share views and lively Q & A section facilitated by artist Simon Poulter.

* Isabelle Tracey, Parallel State: State of the Nation podcast 27 March 2020

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