Heritage Courtyard Gallery and Studios.
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Sunday, October 6, 2019
6 Heritage Courtyard, Sadler Street, Wells BA5 2RR
South West England
Miriam Sheppard

Head in the Clouds
21 September – 6 October 2019 – 10am – 4pm daily
Venue 101 – Somerset Art Weeks Festival

I decided in late 2018 that I really wanted to challenge myself. I set myself the goal of participating in Somerset Art Weeks Festival, 2019 with something a little different. I’ve had an idea that’s been slowly filtering through my brain for some time. The idea evolved into creating some large work. I was fortunate to be able to secure the loft at Heritage Courtyard Gallery and Studios (Wells). For me, this is a really interesting space with an industrial feel. It felt perfect for my challenge which was to create a cloudscape using graphite on translucent paper. This has involved creating 72 sq. metres of work that will act as the canopy and cover 2 walls. It’s been a bit like creating a large jigsaw puzzle. It has come as a relief to find that when I was able to lay sections out it ‘works’.

To add to the atmosphere, I’ve had a piece of ambient music written specifically to accompany the work and want to encourage visitors to sit and relax in the space.

I’m also very pleased to have some of Angela Morley’s beautiful work included in the exhibition. This will certainly add to the atmosphere.

The ultimate challenge will be hanging all of the work. Again, I’ve gone through a few iterations of this process but feel confident that I have a final plan. The exciting part will be seeing it all come together in situ, of course this is also the most stressful part.

Heritage Courtyard Gallery and Studios.

6 Heritage Courtyard,
Sadler Street,