Fashion Space Gallery
Monday, January 12, 2009
Friday, February 13, 2009
London College of Fashion 20 John Prince's Street London W1G 0BJ

Heather Phillipson’s works are often grounded in specific locations into which she makes interventions. A trained musician and a poet as well as an artist, she explores the overlooked or unheard sounds and languages of locations, and reveals the subjects that lie behind sightlines. Her works suggest links between drawing, sound, and movement, often inventing premises to generate sounds whose relative ordinariness is estranged by the odd circumstances of their making. Heather Phillipson regularly exhibits nationally and internationally. Recent shows include Bloomberg New Contemporaries (A Foundation, Liverpool, and Rochelle School, London, 2008), Implant Redux (HS New York, 2009), Wolstsenholme Screenings (Liverpool Biennial, 2008), Project (Another Roadside Attraction, London, 2008), Expo (Sonic Arts Network, The Lighthouse, Brighton, 2008), Write Side of the Brain (The Miller, London, 2008), Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF, New York, 2007), Salon (S1 Artspace, Sheffield, 2007), Mandlehanded (The Tram Depot, London, 2006), Projektor (Café Gallery, London, 2006), Visions in the Nunnery (Bow Arts Trust, London, 2006), 700 IS Reindeerland (Iceland and touring – New York, Spain, Lithuania, and Canada, 2006), Bad Drawing (Cincinnati, USA, 2006), Directions (Lethaby Gallery, London, 2005). She has been shortlisted for the Sir Leslie Joseph Young Artist Award 2009.