Platform Arts
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Saturday, February 20, 2010
1 Queen Street, BT1 6EA
Northern Ireland

This exhibition of photography and video works, addresses the possibilities of the image from a phenomenological position. It examines the state of the image in its relation to Actuality, taking references from diverse subjects as Mikhail Bakhtin, Jacques Rancière and Laurel and Hardy films. Asking the question: What is to become of the image considering all the developments made in Action Performance Art in terms of art operating in the immediate? Usually we engage with images through a system of representation; of signs, signifiers, appropriations, referents and stand-ins. This exhibition looks to place the image in the actual, operating in the immediate. It is the image as process in operation that we are confronted with here. Using elements of humour, empathy, mimicry and aesthetics the works on show encourage us to move on from our usual abstracted way of looking at an image, bringing it to a point where it becomes a part of our lived experience. This exhibition turns on its head our usual way of engaging with the image.