CMR Gallery
Saturday, October 22, 2016
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Back Ln W, Redruth TR15 2BT
South West England
Redruth Town

Redruth was once the richest town in the world. The monetary wealth has all but gone but it’s still one of the richest towns we know, full of amazing buildings, a rich history and a dynamic, unique community. For 2016, the Inland team plan to embark upon The Future Project; exploring some of the ways these foundations can be built upon to imagine possible and impossible futures.

Bringing together art, environment, architecture, music, performance and heritage, The Future Project will be a platform for weird and wonderful future visions. Inland will commission new works, show art that explores utopian ideas and creates space for communities to come together and develop ideas through collaboration and conversation.

CMR Gallery plays host to an exhibition of works from its members exploring Prospect: The future of Redruth and CMR.  Explore work investigating the past, present and future of Redruth, its visual culture and CMR.

Adam Grose is exhibiting three of his new monotype prints exploring our use of the post-industrial landscape.

The exhibition is curated by Merryn Tresidder with works by Antonio de la Hera presents, Alicja Rymarowicz, Owen Lacey, Clive Soord, Tim Pryke, Ron Ford, Mary Fletcher, Adam Grose, David Astell & Jonathan Hayter.