Castlefields Gateway Gallery - created by Mamily Sheibani
Saturday, March 20, 2010
Saturday, March 26, 2011
Located within the award-winning Phoenix Park, the Gateway Gallery is accessible via the Runcorn Busway, the Halton cycle network and benefits from generous visitor parking. Vehicular access is via the A558 Daresbury Expressway, and off Castlefields Avenue East.
North West England

Collaborating with residents from Castlefields and beyond, local artist Joe Logan continues his theme of exploring people’s perceptions of their immediate environment. In ‘I Camera’ the subject matter is an urban environment in transition and how local people interact and identify with this change. The piece is truly participatory placing the resident both behind and in-front of the lens, to create a raw mosaic of a single place. The continuity of the theme is challenged with the imposition by the Artist of images and architectural impressions taken from the 1960’s brochure promoting the utopian virtues of life in Runcorn New Town. The Gateway Gallery, located in Phoenix Park, Runcorn opened in February 2009 as an innovative arts installation within a pedestrian underpass. The permanent installation, a fresh take on the urban subway makeover genre, saw the transformation of the space by international artist Mamily Sheibani. His creative approach utilises stainless steel mirrors in colourful frames to bring the subway to life with natural light and continually changing reflections. The design allows for artwork to be installed within the frames, creating a unique outdoor gallery space, and providing the potential for ongoing community use.