Water Lane Coffee House, Canterbury
Thursday, December 3, 2015
Friday, December 4, 2015
Water Lane, Off Stour Street, CT1 2NQ Canterbury, Kent
South East England

Come and join us at Water Lane Coffee house, Canterbury.

Ideally you will attend all four sessions and at the end you will have:
– Developed your current ideas
– Discussed your concepts
– Met others exploring conceptual Art within your community
– Start on work you haven’t yet had the courage too

This is an encouraging set-up with the aims to spark inspiration and development. It is set up with a peer-to-peer level intended. There is no over-riding “expert” element. We do not require all attendees to have gone to Art School, however, this set-up mimics a similar format that takes place amongst most Fine Art Degrees.

These meet ups are work in progress in themselves, with the flexibility to mould to what it needs to be for each group.
This is entirely free, as we believe this tool needs to be as accessible as possible to those working independently. However, as always we will have our contributions pot which will go towards this and all the other projects that we set up with Threads.

We have initiated this first series as a template to which we are requesting funding for so we can offer much more within this set up. Including exhibiting and enterprise opportunities.
Please invite your friends, and bring your work, You are welcome to bring a laptop to display work if its hard to bring along. A pen and paper is advised.

Please RSVP as soon as possible specifying that you can attend all dates, and if not, what dates you can to [email protected]