The Place,
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Saturday, August 18, 2018
17 Duke’s Rd, London, WC1H 9PY
Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival

“The invisible museum is opened to you when you have opened yourself to discovery. It is a state of being.”

Artist-in-residence at Tête-à-Tête, Li-E Chen’s ‘Silent Opera’ aims to present the six perspective on life and art offered by Taiwanese-American artist Tehching Hsieh’s six durational lifeworks through a series of propositions for thinking and action. These propositions were written based on Li-E’s reflections on and responses to Hsieh’s aesthetic of life and art. They contain no narrative or representational meanings.

Her Work-in-progress sharing will also present a display of her collection of Posters and Statements from Tehching Hsieh’s five One Year Performances (“Cage Piece”, “Time Clock Piece”, “Art/Life Rope Piece”, “No Art Piece”)and Tehching Hsieh 1986 – 1999 (“Thirteen Year Plan”), which Hsieh carried out between 1978 and 1999. Drawing on Hsieh’s concepts of Life is a life sentence, life is passing time, life is freethinking, Li-E will further develop her aesthetic of silence by questioning what it means to think, love, fail, sense and become, and by “keeping absence remain” in her silent opera.

Thurs 16th Aug, 7.30-8.30pm
Fri 17th Aug, 7.30-8.30pm
Sat 18th Aug, 7.30-8.30pm

This is a private event and places are limited, so please [email protected] for free entry.