Castlefield Gallery
Saturday, October 1, 2011
Sunday, November 27, 2011
2 Hewitt Street, Manchester, M15 4GB
North West England

Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present Life in the UK / Balance of Probabilities, a debut UK commission by Istanbul based artists Osman Bozkurt and Didem Özbek of PiST/// for the Asia Triennial Manchester 2011. As the only artists to participate in the Triennial from Turkey, this project focuses on the issue of freedom of travel exploring one of the most salient issues of our time; the movement of people from one place to other parts of the world, whether for leisure or immigration. For this ambitious multi artform project, PiST/// will transform the gallery into a temporary VISA Application Centre using the exterior and interior of the gallery as a mechanism to explore real stories fused with history and fiction. Examining the growth of the VISA ‘industry’ in Istanbul as its starting point, the project that combines the theatrical and participatory with installation and film, will explore the radical impact that migration has had on demography, identity politics, global economic changes, community and belonging. This exhibition is co-curated by Lora Sariaslan and Castlefield Gallery. PREVIEW: Friday 30 September, 5-9pm