Black Swan Arts, Long Gallery
Saturday, July 20, 2019
Sunday, September 1, 2019
2 Bridge St Frome Somerset
South West England
Black Swan Arts

Part of Black Swan Arts season of sound art: LISTEN. This exhibition is a deeply researched exploration of the dawn chorus interpreted as music, print and painting.

Imitating with the mouth the fluid voices of birds

   came long before

   men were able to sing together in melody and please the ear.

Lucretius (94-55BC): De Rerum Natura

The work was initially inspired by listening to a dawn chorus in a Northumberland woodland garden—a choir of sixteen birds heard early one morning in mid May. Together their songs, represented variously as digitally manipulated sonograms and musical transcriptions, form the basis of this show of vibrant and detailed graphic prints, music and paintings.

The artists have looked at the relationship between the natural world, its specific cultures and cultural ecologies. The works examine our own sense of culture/s, showing how we might better understand our complex relationship to the world, enabling us to value the whole as a living ecology of cultural differences.

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