Cromwell Place
Saturday, May 13, 2023
02:00 PM
4 Cromwell Place, SW7 2JE
Forest + Found

Join ceramicist Chloé Rosetta Bell as she performs the last act of unravelling, washing, and sanding the Salt Remains from her series of ceramic vessels on display in the exhibition Material Beings. Bell is known for her shell and salt-encrusted works that evolve as land and sea meet through the intervention of her hand in direct dialogue with nature. As she works you will observe how salt, metal and clay are activated by elements of fire, water and air, to manifest in the unique surfaces of her works. Throughout the performance, the agency of her materials will be revealed as the process of removing one feeds into the manifestation of another.

As part of the wider London Craft Week Programme, this performance is one of several events to coincide with the exhibition Material Beings in which Bell’s works are exhibited. On show from 10-14th May at Cromwell Place, Material Beings platforms eight ambitious artists and makers pushing the conceptual nature of craft practice through a radical rethinking of materiality.

Salt Remains is a Live Performance that will unfold over the space of two hours in the gallery. Furniture maker and sculptor Sandy Buchanan has designed ‘The Crafter’s Stool’ for this performance which will accompany Bell’s work. Loosely based on the traditional Chinese milking stool, it is adapted for the working craftsperson with tool storage in a concealed drawer.


About Chloé Rosetta Bell

Material-focused and primarily working in clay, Chloé Rosetta Bell’s practice examines livelihoods dependent on a specific landscape. This is driven by her relationship with the land surrounding her home on the Isle of Wight. Situated in the Undercliff it is one of the largest areas of urban landslip in Europe. Bell studies the materials and narratives connected to the site to inform her collections. By sourcing and transforming these materials, her objects become a tangible celebration of the landscape, placing a subtle but essential emphasis on its sustainability. Bell graduated from the Royal College of Art (2019), where she specialised in Ceramics developing glazes from by-products in the food industry receiving a distinction for her thesis.


This is a free drop-in event, but we would appreciate you registering in advance so we can gauge visitor numbers.

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