Monday, September 12, 2016
03:30 PM
155 Vauxhall Street, London, SE11 5RH
AIR Council

Are you an artist who works in the EU and/or with EU-funded organisations? London-based AIR Council members Binita Walia and Pippa Koszerek are opening up a conversation between London-based artists about what it is that you feel needs to be protected for the visual arts should official Brexit conversations go ahead.

This is an informal fact-finding meeting and a chance to discuss hopes and fears and share strategies in a sociable peer environment. The meeting will last two hours and involve discussion between a small group of artists. If you would like to attend please rsvp [email protected]

AIR Council are an advisory group representing artists’ views to a-n The Artists Information Company. a-n are currently developing a Brexit strategy in order to understand how they can best make the case for practising artists to Government and ensure that artists get the best deal possible. This meeting will help inform policy recommendations, the development of campaigns and other resources for visual artists.