The Coningsby Gallery
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Friday, June 3, 2011
30 Tottenham Street London W1T 4RJ

An exhibition by Jane Palm-Gold with Museum of London Archaeology, displaying the life and times of the notorious St. Giles Rookery. The show blends painting, psychogeography, history and features archaeology excavated from the site of the Rookery, displayed for the first time by Museum of London Archaeology. Discover the “Citadel of Vice and Crime” that lay in the heart of the West End for 170 years, the present day site of the new Central Saint Giles by Lorenzo Piano. The observational drawings of crack dealers, crime and the police from the locality today may make you question whether anything has changed at all…Exhibition talks -‘Archaeology and explorations of St. Giles’ – Nigel Jeffries, MOLA; 3pm, Saturday 21st May. ‘Drawing the Underworld’ – Jane Palm-Gold; 3pm Sunday 22nd May. ‘People of the Holy Land’ – Professor David R. Green, King’s College; 3pm Saturday 28th May. Admission to exhibition and talks: Free. No booking required.