Mission Gallery
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Sunday, May 18, 2014
Mission Gallery | Gloucester Place | Maritime Quarter | Swansea SA1 1TY | Wales | UK

Vanessa’s work is concerned with pushing the parameters of waterjet cutting technology. In recent years she has been investigating the creative uses of waterjet cutting for glass. This has led to the development of new work that is utilising this cutting edge technology in an imaginative and unique way.

Cutting properties, cutting shapes, lines and milling within sheets of glass that are only possible with such a machine are being explored. Accurate lines, holes and intricate shapes, which can be used in multiples, within single and several layers of glass are being produced. These qualities create work that draws the viewer into the work and the processes that have been applied. Layering of cut planes is enhanced by the manipulation of natural and artificial lights.

About | Vanessa Cutler

Vanessa Cutler is currently MA Programme Director, Lecturer and Waterjet Co-ordinator at the Swansea School of Glass, Swansea Metropolitan, UWTSD alongside her roles as a Design Mentor for the Crafts Council of Ireland, Design Advisor for the Institute of Sustainable Design for UWTSD. She has recently published a book titled ‘New Technologies in Glass’ (Bloomsbury, London, 2012) illustrating the applications of technology by artists in recent years.