One Paved Court
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024
1 Paved Court, Richmond upon Thames, TW9 1LZ
One Paved Court

The abstract works of Buffy Kimm and Doris Ernst are very personal and connected to the context in which they are created.

Both artists are collectors of found objects, often from natural or urban spaces. These chance encounters with old, weathered things that have been discarded or disregarded can trigger reflections and inspiration. There is depth in simplicity inviting viewers to interpret freely and embrace imagination beyond the obvious. The final creations of both artists differs greatly, yet the process of their making is equally significant.

Doris Ernst is currently based in London. Her work is influenced by living and working in many major cities around the world and her experiences with different cultures. In her work she is trying to make sense of order and chaos in our complex world and in human interaction by using various media. She is a self-taught artist and exhibited in various galleries, museums and art fairs in Shanghai, London, Vienna, Paris and Stockholm.

Buffy Kimm is a contemporary artist and printmaker living and working in London. Her work is diverse; her influences are from nature, architecture and her surroundings. She gained a degree in three dimensional design from Kingston, and went on to become a production designer at the BBC. Her background has had a profound effect on her current practice. Within the exhibition she uses paper, together with etchings and sculptural pieces incorporating found materials. Buffy has exhibited in various galleries in this country and abroad.

Meditations and Repetitions is part of a series of exhibitions hosted by White Noise Projects, a group of emerging and mid-career artists who showcase meticulously chosen artworks through a series of group and solo exhibitions.

Established in 2017 by mixed media artist Hanna ten Doornkaat and painter Annamarie Dzendrowskyj the collective curates exhibitions centred around themes pertinent to contemporary artistic practice, and in response to exhibition spaces that surpass the idea of the white cube.