STONE SQUID experimental art space
Friday, September 2, 2011
Sunday, September 4, 2011
78 High Street, Hastings Old Town, TN34 3EL
South East England

“Someone to whom I recently showed my glass beehive, the movement of that wheel like a clock’s main wheel. Someone who saw the constant agitation of the panels, the perpetual buzzing, enigmatic and maddened, the drones over the nests, the bridges and stairways that form the wax cells, the invading spiral of the queen, the diverse and unceasing activity of the masses, the ruthless and useful effort, the comings and goings with feverish intensity, the ignored sleeplessness that announces tomorrow’s work. The final repose of death in a place that tolerates neither sickness nor tombs. Someone who watched these things, after staring in awe, quickly looked away, his face showing a nameless and sad horror.”