Thursday, February 23, 2017
Friday, March 3, 2017
45 Grange Road Bermondsey, SE1 3BH

Pulsford’s works are intensely pleasurable, but also have complexity

His subjects, although highly abstracted, are gathered in compositional summonings that seem to be those of socially negotiated relationships, determined by ideas of trusting intimacy and anxious alienation – an almost bio-social existence. The subjects are suggestive of object forms that exist in the real world – sometimes prosaic objects, sometimes inherently beautiful ones. [ . . . ] Nothing is definitive, and consequently rich moods and feelings announce themselves – negotiations of ambivalent sensibility and feeling and mood: a world which is broken but coming together, and then breaking and coming together yet again. It is a world whose feelings are of exuberance, brightness and revelation, as well as of concealment and isolation – sometimes of pain, and sometimes of the very highest of high pleasures.

New Abtrscat Painntitg will comprise new, large format works, graphic works, and a number of context works by his father and stepfather, the artists Charles Pulsford and Robert Crawford, as well as a small work by Benedict Pulsford’s young son, Leonard Pulsford. The show will be curated by the artist and writer Neal Brown.