'Barsteadworth College - How Workplace Bullies Get Away With It' by Dr Stephen Riley
Saturday, July 10, 2010
Sunday, July 31, 2011
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Barsteadworth College – How Workplace Bullies Get Away With It by Dr. Stephen Riley is now available in PAPERBACK (ISBN: 9781849911825). The book is written as a novel, but is very much informed by real personal experience in an English art college. It concerns workplace bullying, its damaging psychological effects and institutionalised suppression of complaints about bullying. It will be of interest to individuals who have had similar experiences to those described, to general readers with an interest in novels which explore life in contemporary society and, as a case study, to professionals with specialist concerns in this area: trainers, personnel managers, counsellors, health professionals, lecturers and welfare organisations. Dr Stephen Riley is a visual artist and fine art lecturer based in Dorset in the south of England. See: