Eight Gallery
Friday, November 10, 2017
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
No.8 Dawson St., Dublin 2.
Eight Gallery, No.8 Dawson St., Dublin 2, Ireland.

Eight is pleased to present ‘So You’re Going To Die’,
a solo exhibition by Noel Hensey

Hensey’s work is concerned with ‘openness’, which could be defined as the ground where you can no longer distinguish between self and other. The main theme within his work is the perceptive dynamics of encountering found objects and situations whereby the viewer’s habitual semantic/judgmental processes are slowed.
The exhibition entitled ‘So You’re Going To Die’ at Eight Gallery is a mixed-media installation consisting of an intersection between; photography, print, sculpture, video and the Eight Gallery architecture.
It is concerned with various aspects of death; homages to artworks on the subject of death, and memento mori (keeping an object as a reminder of the inevitability of death). It also considers the unknown time of one’s death, and view-points on death, such as that at death it is you who judges your own life.
The collection contains a number of pieces that interact in groups; multiples of a single work and multiple elements within a work. These are connected with repetitive religious actions, recitation, bodily gestures and the meditation technique of continually returning ones attention to the object of concentration when distracted. The exhibition utilises everyday objects and situations to explore the realisation that both death and some of our most potent living experiences are equally involved in the everyday.
Interpretation of the exhibition varies according to the route ones navigates through it.