Hawkeye Crates
Friday, April 17, 2015
Sunday, April 19, 2015
272 Morgan Avenue Brooklyn
United States
Richard William Wheater, Andy Singleton and Richard Sweeny

As you read this, new sculpture is being developed, themed around an exhibition title; Nude not Naked. Three mid-career artists Wheater, Singleton and Sweeney feel strongly that their work will be well received in America, and have found a pop-up venue in Brooklyn (Hawkeye Crates) willing to support this venture by offering space for a long weekend exhibition: 17th – 19th April 2015. The artists need funding to get themselves and crated artwork over there. Please help!

Nude not Naked has been devised and driven by Wheater, Singleton and Sweeney, who recognise New York’s importance, energy and noise in the world art scene. Brooklyn, as far as the creative industry is concerned is arguably one of the most influential places at the moment to be and be seen. The money raised would not only assist with shipping work and return flights for the three artists, it would be used for advertising and marketing, to ensure the three exhibition days are deemed a success. Success would be measured in the form of exposure, sales or future exhibition and commission opportunities.

Despite having operated in the same locality, quickly developing their practice and profile over the last seven years, this will be the first time the three have exhibited together abroad. Conscious that this undertaking will take place at a critical time in their careers, the artists are excited at the opportunity of showing their new work to a new audience!

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