Various venues see below
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Various: 21 November 2012 at V22 Bermondsey & 5 December 2012 at Nunnery Gallery Bow Arts Trust, London

-Engine ChatChat is a place for artists to share ideas, ask questions and get feedback within a peer critique framework.- The philosophy is to provide an informal, stimulating atmosphere: small groups & constructive conversation is encouraged. Present or join in the discussion. -The critique also provides the opportunities to meet new artists and deepen your understanding of your own and other perspectives and practices.- OPEN TO ALL artists at any stage of their career. For address information, check out the website BOOKING is ESSENTIAL, please email [email protected] for a place. These sessions are £3 payable at the event and all are welcome. ‘I got such a lot out of the session last month and thank you so much for organizing it.’ Have a look on the website for more information and feedback from other artists who have attended the sessions. MORE DATES SOON FOR 2013