The Old Ship Gallery
Saturday, September 5, 2009
Sunday, September 13, 2009
387 Cable Street E1 0AH

This public house turned private home and public gallery sees three artists -take over – the ambiguous yet idiosyncratic nature of the site providing a suitably shifting context for practices which seek to question readings of place and space. The site’s comparative shabbiness also affords an opportunity for experimentation, with the artists making work which plays across physical and conceptual thresholds, making fixed readings both within and between the works difficult. Staged constructions and accumulations are presented that are inherently unstable and which speak of a presence presently absent. Russell Chater: A fascination with the void pervades the artist’s work, as does an often-recurring interest in staged and transitional spaces. Works collectively question the boundaries between the familiar and unfamiliar and explore spaces and states that are ‘between’ or ‘beyond’. Helen Scalway: Scalway’s work, often based in drawing, photography, collage and assemblage, seeks to create non-linear visual narratives. Resulting works are fluid and cannot be read or traversed within any single spatial system. Richard Stone: Stone’s work draws on domestic space and landscape, underpinned by concurrent interests in monumentality and the memento mori in art practice. The artist seeks poetic resonance through the use of related found objects or existing materials.