Cupola Gallery
Saturday, April 18, 2009
Saturday, May 23, 2009
Cupola gallery 178/178a Middlewood rd Sheffield S6 1TD

Cupola has decided to have a period of highlighting our established artists. We have such a variety of talented stock artists that we thought we would show them off a bit more! We have asked artists to supply work that is financially more accessible to reflect the state of the economic climate. Participating Artists – Jane Adams, John Brokenshire, Jo Brown, Hazel Burnham, Danielle Creenaune,Nicki Dennett, Paul Evans, Veta Gorner, Peggy Fearne, Richard Gee, Angie Hardwick, Geraldine Hughes, Aliisa Hyslop, Akiko Kuroda, Ruth Lyne, David Lucas, Anne Menary, Leyla Murr, Yvonne North Moorhouse, Viv Owen, Annette Petch, Bruce Rimell, Corrina Rothwell, Gemma Scully, Liz Scrine, Heather Shaw, Stitch & Silver, Alison Stockmarr, Barbara Sykes, Ann Taylor, Helen Thomas, Stephen Todd, Liz Toole, Isobel Walker, Sarah Walton and Stephen White.