Castlefield Gallery
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
2 Hewitt Street, Knott Mill, Manchester. M15 4GB
North West England

Time: 6.30pm. Curated by Sophia Crilly. Artists: Arnis Balcus, Steven Eastwood, Aikaterini Gegisian, Rebecca Lennon, Ellakajsa Nordström, Mika J. Ripatti, Erica Scourti, Lisa Stansbie, Juha van Ingen. The fourth and final curated programme from the 2007-08 season of PureScreen artist moving image events is PureScreen #22: Hearsay. PureScreen #22 draws together a selection of new international work, from the open submission call, to examine the various ways that artists explore and question ideas and techniques of narrative, alongside the relationships between sound and image, fact and fiction. The works address aspects of ‘trace' and memory, and dismantle linear narratives and conventional narrative structure, making us question if what we see is real or imagined. The range of subject matter includes: the presentation of political histories through family portraits; caricatures of the curator and the neurotic artist-filmmaker pondering the predicament of the moving image; falling in love; and language, methods of communication and translation, and the oscillation between sense and nonsense. Locations shift from Latvia to London, Berlin and Helsinki.