Castlefield Gallery
Thursday, December 4, 2008
2 Hewitt Street M15 4GB
North West England

Artists: Tal Amiran, Alan Bogana & Dave Green, Steven Eastwood, Esther Johnson, Nick Jordan, Rebecca Lennon, Elena Näsänen, Philip Newcombe, Seppo Renvall, Mika J. Ripatti, Erica Scourti, Juha van Ingen. Description: FREE ADMISSION. BOOKING REQUIRED. To book please call Castlefield Gallery on 0161 832 8034 or email [email protected]. Castlefield Gallery is pleased to announce the publication of PureScreen DVD *03, a programme of recent artist film and video work. Curated by Sophia Crilly, the DVD features the highlights and a cross-section of the diversity of works from the 2007/08 season of screening programmes. The DVD will be available from December 2008.PureScreen is Castlefield Gallery’s regular screening event for artist film and video. Since its inception, in March 2003, the programme has provided a platform for outstanding recent work and supported new and established practitioners and curators. It operates an annual, international open call for submissions for new works, and also produces PureScreen: Film & Video Artists Information Pack, compiling international resources with the intention of assisting artists and curators whose practice involves the production and exhibition of moving image work.