Royal Society of Sculptors
Monday, August 14, 2023
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Dora House, 108 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 3RA
Royal Society of Sculptors

My sculpture ‘EQUIANO Shekere’ 2023 is selected in this year’s annual exhibition of member’s of Royal Society of Sculptors. It is a hanging ceramic sculpture which highlights Olaudah Equiano and the African shekere percussionist instrument. About 50 sculptures were selected from a submission of about 450. See the sculpture in the first image in this link:

We hope you can join us this summer to explore a fabulous showcase of members’ and fellows’ work at Dora House that will be open to the public from 17 July to 30 September.

This year’s theme is The Shape of Life, selected by our guest curator Edward Bulmer. A leading interior designer, architectural historian and colour expert, Edward is also the founder of eco-favourite, Edward Bulmer Natural Paints.

Watch Edward speak about the Summer Show 2023 and his approach to curating sculpture at Dora House. Click here for the press release.

Summer Show 2023 – Edward Bulmer Walk Through at Dora House

Extract from the exhibition essay The Shape of Life,  In the words of Edward Bulmer:

‘One thing unites every living being. Life.

For all beings this life has a beginning and it has an end, but that is all we have in common, the form and shape of what fills that life is infinitely various.

Artists constantly mine this rich seam, but every one of us considers its physical, spiritual or philosophical dimensions from time to time. It often seems to me though that artists, better than many, help us see or know what it is we are thinking.

What is life, why is life as it is? Is it long enough, short enough, full enough, rewarding enough – is it fair?

Answers to these questions can be found in this impressive body of work – the response to the theme I set for this year’s Summer Show, hosted at the Royal Society of Sculptors’ iconic and newly restored headquarters, Dora House. […]’

To read the full text click here

Arists Exhibiting

Amanda Benson MRSS, Amy Douglas MRSS, Andre Wallace FRSS, Anna Gillespie MRSS, Barbara Beyer MRSS, Ben Joiner MRSS,Cathy de Monchaux FRSS, Cesar Cornejo FRSS, Chris Dunseath FRSS, Christy Symington MRSS, Clee Claire Lee MRSS, Colin Kerrigan MRSS, Dave King MRSS, David Aston MRSS, Eleni Maragaki MRSS, Emma Elliott MRSS, Emma Woffenden MRSS, Harriet Hellman MRSS, Harvey Hood FRSS, Isobel Church MRSS, Jane Ackroyd FRSS, Jason deCaires Taylor MRSS, Jonathan Roson MRSS, Julia Vogl MRSS, Julie Light MRSS, Juliette Losq MRSS, Kate Langrish-Smith MRSS, Laura Ellen Bacon MRSS, Linda Hubbard MRSS, Lisa Snook MRSS, Tere Chad MRSS, Marianne Broch MRSS, Mary Anstee-Parry MRSS, Merete Rasmussen MRSS, Michelangelo Arteaga MRSSMillie Laing-Tate MRSSNed Prizeman GBANick Hornby FRSS, Nicola Anthony MRSS, Nicola Turner MRSS, Paul Bonomini MRSS, Paul Tecklenburg MRSS, Richard Hudson MRSS, Robert Worley MRSS, Ronn Beattie MRSS, Sally Hewett MRSS, Saroj Patel MRSS, Simone Kennedy MRSS, Stephanie Douet MRSS, Susan Cutts MRSS, Susan Francis MRSS, Susan Williams MRSS, Terry Jones MRSS, Wen-Hsi Harman MRSS.