Grejczik Gallery
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
9a Hanover Road Scarborough
Grejczik Gallery

A collection of science essays accompanied by images of my paintings and drawings, to be published by Grejczik Gallery. The book is to support this brand new micro art/science gallery in Scarborough, England.

The book will contain 10-12 essays about how science relates to my paintings with topics such as tides, colour reflection and refraction, geology and fossils, star colours, and art materials like chalk, charcoal and paint pigments.

To read more about the project and pre-order your book, visit

The gallery is now open with “picture window” displays each month, leading up to the grand opening exhibition LIGHT in Aug/Sept. LIGHT will feature artworks by Tina Mammoser and Kristin Henry that explore particle interactions, star colours, and the Sun. Celebrating the UNESCO Year of Light 2015.