Saturday, May 16, 2009
Saturday, July 11, 2009
45 Preston Street Exeter EX1 1DF
South West England

Spacex is pleased to present a new project by Simon Pope, which will be split over two sites at Spacex and Exeter Cathedral. Pope plans to restore a stone figure from Exeter Cathedral which his great grandfather crafted over 90 years ago and has great significance for five generations of his family. The figure will be carved from the memory of the artist’s grandmother working in dialogue with a local stonemason. The installation at Spacex will comprise an audio recording between Pope’s grandmother and the stonemason including the conversations and process of interpretation, imagining and reconstruction. As with some of Pope’s previous work, this project brings together artists from traditional bases, craft-based in character into proximity with contemporary practice – opening one approach to another and vice versa. After a maquette has been produced, the completed stone figure will be displayed in the Cathedral towards the end of 2009.