Paradise Works
Saturday, May 22, 2021
Saturday, June 26, 2021
East Philip Street Salford M3 7LE
North West England
Paradise Works

Open: Saturdays, 22 May – 26 June 2021, via Eventbrite booking.

Slippages presents the work of two artists who work in the realm of photography and sculpture, operating between the boundaries of real and imagined space, familiarity and the uncanny, authenticity and artifice.

Both Blaszczok and Genovés are concerned with how their work is encountered. Blaszczok’s photographs construct scenes that can be viewed, but not entered, playing with perceptions of space and scale. While Genovés’ sculptures often appear as familiar forms, creating a bodily relationship with the viewer, which is subverted through unexpected materiality.

The work featured in Slippages allude to a series of empty stages, void of protagonist or subject. Here, the stage becomes the subject and the role of filling the space defaults to the viewer, provoking a sense of anticipation and a multitude of narratives and possibilities.

Drawing on humble materials, both artists have distinctly different approaches to the production of work. Blaszczok begins in three-dimensions, creating temporary collages and ‘stages’, which are refined through a considered selection process and photographed. Whereas Genovés begins with photography, amassing images taken on her travels, which then inspire the creation of sculptural forms.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a contextual essay written by Sara JaspanSlippages is curated by Zoe Watson; for further details please contact Zoe: [email protected]

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Access: The gallery is located on the first floor and only accessible by staircase. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a working lift.