The Shore
Saturday, October 14, 2023
Friday, October 13, 2023
Hest Bank, Lancaster LA2 6HW
North West England
Castlefield Gallery

The Edge of the Bay: a SPARK gathering at Hest Bank hosted by Sam Pickett and Debbie Yare

SPARK #16: The Edge of the Bay is a sixteenth in person meeting for Greater Manchester/North West-based artists who want to intervene in the trajectory towards climate breakdown.

Situated between Morecambe and Carnforth, Hest Bank sits at the edge of Morecambe Bay – a huge intertidal estuary stretching from the south-west coast of Cumbria down to Fleetwood in Lancashire. We will gather on the pebble shore and explore this dynamic, ever-changing coastal environment featuring salt-marsh, mudflats, the River Keer channel, and a historic wharf. Reflecting on a passage from Rachel Carson’s The Edge of the Sea, we will consider ways of knowing such a changeable environment, and reflect on the importance of salt marshes to wildlife and to us!

While walking we’ll also consider the relationship between organic and inorganic materials and the idea that matter could contain memory or energy, a principal theory within contemporary ontologies such as vital matter and morphogenetic making. Humans have always sought protection through the wearing of amulets and talismans; with this in mind, we will each choose a pebble from the beach and hold it close for the duration of the walk.

Sam Pickett is a visual artist based in North Lancashire engaging with natural materials, folklore and metaphysical ontologies (Daoism, post humanism, vital matter theories etc) to explore dualities between the natural and cultural world. She’s currently researching nature worshipping indigenous practices within the British Isles and herbalism.

Debbie Yare is a visual artist working across media with an interest in photography, video, sound, drawing, writing, and performance. Her practice is concerned with understanding, recording, and translating direct experiences of environments on and around Morecambe Bay, where she lives.

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