Thursday, March 9, 2023
06:30 PM
The Internet

What is Neurodivergent Space? You are invited to experience it at this free online event, in which artists Sonja Zelić, Lucy Barker and Sonia Boué will present text, audio, film, and photography from their creative practice, to articulate and share their experiences of Neurodivergent Space.

Find out more and book free tickets on Autograph’s website

Neurodivergent Space is unique to each neurodivergent person. It is distinct from neurotypical experience, but it cannot be described. The neuroverse must be experienced.

Everyone is welcome. This event will prioritise a sensory philosophy, and reflect on experiences of wordlessness and situational mutism. During the event, we will share a link to a Google Jamboard (it’s free, online and you don’t need an account) which can be deployed as a doodle or stim space, or any way you like.

Book a free ticket on Autograph’s webpage. On the day of the event, we’ll send you a welcome email with a link to join the event on Zoom. You will be able to join for the start of the event at 18:30 (GMT).