Slade School of Fine Art Research Centre
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Friday, March 4, 2011
Woburn Square WC1H OAB

Surplus to Requirements? Exhibition and Symposium – Recent student demonstrations were reported in the media as demonstrations about the government’s proposed rise in tuition fees. There was scant debate about the huge cuts and fundamental changes to arts and humanities funding that are also part of the proposed changes. Is this because as a nation we don’t care about these subjects? ‘Surplus to Requirements?’ is a three day event organised by the Slade PhD students that will comprise an exhibition, installations, performances and presentations around the theme of the ‘value’ and significance of art and research in the current political and economic climate. It will ask what criteria are being used to ‘measure’ art’s value and contribution to society? Guest speakers for the symposium on 3rd March are: Dave Beech – Artist in the Collective Freee and Chelsea College of Art & Design, Sue Golding – University of Greenwich, Mel Gooding – Art critic, writer, and curator, Jen Harvie – Queen Mary University of London, Robert Hewison – City University London and Associate of think tank Demos, Sarat Maharaj – Lund University and Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, Peter Osborne – Kingston University London and editor of Radical Philosophy. Attendance at the symposium is free but please rsvp to [email protected]