Thursday, November 19, 2015
Sunday, January 3, 2016
The Market Place Bolton BL1 2AL
North West England

The title of the show is ‘The Contingent Image’ and the word ‘contingent’ is used in the sense that each print is the result of a number of processes through which the image has passed. Each print is just one of a number of possible outcomes which on a superficial reading present “a deceptive appearance of naturalness and transparency concealing an opaque, distorting, arbitrary mechanism of representation” (Mitchell, Iconology, Image, Text, Ideology 1987).
Trevor says, ‘The intention of the work in ‘The Contingent Image’ show is to consider whether the image represents reality or is reality found in the conditions of the image’s existence.’
As the winner of neo:printprize2014, Trevor was awarded a 12 week, all expenses paid, residency during the summer of 2015 sponsored by The University of Bolton and GreatArt which, as a final outcome, included the opportunity to exhibit in neo:gallery27